News of the bands and events 2015
The youth and junior bands took part in the Music for Youth Regional Festival at The Sir Adrian Boult Hall at the Birmingham Conservatoire on Sunday 1st March 2015. They left The Dingle School on  a VIP two tiered coach at 11.30 a.m. and arrived in plenty of time for the junior band to take to the stage as number four in the festival.

They played really well in front of a large audience that nearly filled the 550 seats.
The youth band were able to sit and support the juniors before they  played at number seven.

Lots of favourable comments were received from members of the audience after their performance.

It was a very interesting  festival with choirs, string orchestras, and harpists taking part.

We now have to wait until after Easter to know if either band will progress to the national final at Symphony Hall, Birmingham in July.
You can watch the two performances on You Tube via links on the multimedia page (thanks to Sue & Richard Rhodes).
Junior Band at the conservatoire
Youth Band at the conservatoire

The Beginner and Youth Bands took part in the Newcastle -Under-Lyme Festival of Music on Saturday 21st March 2015 and had a very successful day.
The Youth Band began the day in the 19 and under class and were awarded 2nd place. Their playing of Hine e Hine brought tears to the eyes of many and a load of favourable comments from complete strangers.
Next up were the Beginners Band in the 14 and under class. The average age of the Band is 9 years and they played brilliantly to be awarded 2nd place.
In the afternoon session the Youth Band were joined by Jo, John and Vicky in the open class and again were placed 2nd.
There were further successes in the solo and duet classes that took place on either Friday evening or on the Saturday.
Robyn Jolley gained 2nd place in the 15 and under brass class and
Thomas Baston gained 2nd place in the 15 and under woodwind section, Nadia James gained 3rd place in the 12 and under instrument class and also played in the 15 and under class, and Emily Leavy gained a 3rd place on clarinet and then won the Class for Recorders.
Kisten Jolley was 3rd in the 15 and Under Woodwind Class.
Alex Thomson, Elen Morris, Siwan Morris and Matthew Franklin all gave good performances as Soloists and gained certificates, as did Kirsten Jolley and Kitty Van Cauter as duettists.

The youth band performed well at the festival
Band members with thir individual awards
Music for Youth at the Birminham conservatoire.
Newcastle - Under - Lyme Festival of Music
G8way 2, Sandbach High School, Middlewich Road, Sandbach CW11 3NT
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